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Update on the Gunter and Marbury Families

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The Claiborne and Martha Gunter Family, Likely mid-1890s

Being able to use social networks to connect with others researching the same family lines is such a significant part of my genealogy addiction, I have a hard time imagining what it would be like now to work without it.

Last year, I blogged about a photo of the Claiborne and Martha Gunter family I received from a cousin, Janet Marbury.

At the time, I was trying to figure out the identity of Rush Marbury's first wife and the exact connection between Andrew Francis Marbury and the Claiborne Gunter family.

Rush Marbury was the brother of my 3rd great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Marbury (who was the father of Hardy Joyner Marbury, who was the father of Allie Ern Marbury Brantley, who was the mother of Virginia Brantley Lovelace who was the mother of my mother, Shirley Lovelace Williams).

This week I received an email from Karen Hunter who has also been researching the Gunter family and she provided both the identity of the individuals in the Gunter photo above AND a photo of Rush's first wife, Alice Gunter Marbury.
Included in the photo above are:
Back row: John Wesley Gunter (some in family think he may be Lafayette), Robert Joshua Gunter, Arch Fiddler (a neighbor, 1900 census lists him as an "orphan" living with Claiborne and Martha), Isiah (sic) Lafayette Gunter, and Perry Oliver Gunter.
Seated: Tommye (possibly a nickname) Gunter, Claiborne Gunter, Martha Dallas Gunter, and Netta (possibly Jeanetta) Gunter.

Photo from Karen Hunter

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Siblings John Wesley Gunter and Alice Gunter Marbury

It was also great to get confirmation of Rush's first wife and actually get to see a photo of her.

What I now know about Alice Gunter Marbury is that she married Rush Marbury then they had a son, Andrew Francis Marbury, on 5 May 1883. It appears they were living in Arkansas after their marriage.

Alice died when her son Andrew was very young and he stayed in Arkansas to live with her family, Claiborne and Martha Gunter, while his father returned to Haywood County, Tenn.

Rush married Delilah Mann on 17 Oct 1888 so Alice was already deceased when the photo at the top was taken in the mid-1890s. Rush was likely already back in Haywood County living with his father and step-mother, otherwise, he would have been in the Gunter family photo.

Photo from Janet Marbury

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Left to right, back row: Alice Marbury Cobb, Jesse T. Cobb, May Anne
Marbury, Owen Marbury, David Marbury, Juanita Marbury, Janet Marbury,
Mable Ruth Holladay Marbury, May Ethel Marbury, Andrew Earl Marbury
Clarice Marbury Overton, Marcia Overton, and Charles Horace Overton Jr.

Front row: Andrew Frances Marbury, Frances Adien Cain Marbury
and Charles Phillip Overton

Andrew lived in Haywood County for the rest of his life. He married Frances Adian Cain and together they had five children. Andrew named his first daughter, Alice, after his mother.

Andrew, who was referred to as a "substantial citizen" in his obituary, died on 5 July 1955 and was buried in the Zion Baptist Church cemetery.

You can find more about the Marbury family on their page on my website.

For more blog entries, visit my Blog Home Page or to check out the genealogy research about my specific family lines, go to my Haywood County Line Genealogy Website.

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