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Haywood County High School Class of '39

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Haywood County High School
Class of '39

Source: Vicky Morrow Hutchings

This great photo of the Haywood County High School Class of 1939 was posted on the Haywood County Genealogy Facebook page managed by volunteers from the Genealogy Room at the Elma Ross Library in Brownsville, Tenn.

Vicky Morrow Hutchings found it in a corn crib at her father-in-law's house. I am personally very grateful she shared it because it does include some of my relatives.

Included in the photo is:

Top row: Marilyn Wilson-Rooks; J.T. Jacocks, Marie Willis, Faye Rauls, Kenneth Gagland, Elise Escue

2nd row: Elsie McCool, Judson Patton, Thelma Hendron, Marion Powell, Charlene Larde, Hargrove Wateridge, Willie Joe Carraway, Glenn Covington, Lois Jeter

3rd row: Louise Herris (Harris)?, Robert Johnson, Rebecca Tyus, S.L. Edwards, Jane Braley (Bailey)?, Ron Cozart, Martha Williams, Haskel (Hasreal) Hooper

4th Row: Lila Williamson, Sherman Taylor, Doris Evans, Lloyd Wilson (in center, under HHCS), Virginia Ragland, Louis Burford, Ovida? Haynes

5th Row: Mary Lou Beak, Tom Frekland, Margaret Hopkins, Gene Cregton? (President), Wm Bush (Vice Pres), V. Suddeth, J M Holland, Martha Fletcher

6th Row: Mary Jarrett, Homer Webb, Mary Taliferro, Edward Wenden (Wenders), Jack & Jewel Kimory? (couple below the 1939), Henry Duggan (Dugger), Sarah Chapman, Jack Seymour, Nellie Harris

7th Row: Laura Verrell?, Sara Carrell (Currell), Frank Fletcher, Dorothy Richardson, Virginia Richardson, Wm A Chapman, Mary G Smith, Jas F. Merrill, Jr.

8th Row: Deveraux Rudolph, Chas Moore, Doris Drake, Vernon Moore, Eloise Williams, Ted McWhirter (is this our ex-governor?), Marjorie Warren, R.C. Hawkins (Hankins), Dorris Allen

9th row: Wade Ouser?, Martha Moore, Joe Dickenson, Jennie Powell, Charlie Drumwright?, Betty Rothschild

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My Great-Uncle, J.T. Jacocks

J.T. Jacocks, pictured second from left on the top row of the high school class photo, married my grandmother's sister, Cordelia Brantley. I have a copy of a letter written by Aunt Cordelia to my grandmother the same year the above photo was taken.

Bells Tenn
June 15, 1939

Dearest Virginia,

How are you all getting along? I haven’t heard from you in all in so long I thought I would write to you. I had to write a letter because no one in this county had a postal card.

I guess you know by now that I’m an old married lady now. I don’t feel so much older though. Maybe I just haven’t had time yet.

How is Bobby? Tell him I said Hello and that he has a new uncle. I guess he thought that J.T. was already a member of the family though.

Are you all through chopping cotton? Daddy is going to try to get through by Sat. J.T. and Mr. Arthur have been chopping for hire while it was too wet in theirs. I haven’t chopped any since I married. I am celebrating. They are ? here this ? but they won’t let me help.

I mean they really are nice to me here. They treat me just exactly like they treat J.T. and Solan. Aunt Clara said to tell you she thought about you every day and would surely like to see you but that was a little too far to walk.

When have you seen Aunt Gladys? I haven't seen anyone in a long time.

Tell Bobby J.T. said tell him “hey.”

How is Guy? I’m so sorry he isn’t doing well. Daddy said he looked mighty bad last Sun. aft. when they went by there. They said Aunt Mabel was sick too. I guess our family has a curse over it. Something is always happening to us.

I aimed for us to go up to mothers Sunday but we messed around and didn’t even get up until nearly eleven o’ clock. Aren’t we lazy?

Didn’t it rain hard Sat night? J.T. and ? and I got wet all over. We went to Bells and were coming back when it started raining so hard. That lightening scared me. I never saw it lightening so hard in all my life. I better get up from here. I’ve got to wash out some things and finish cleaning up the house. I clean up the house and ? the kitchen every morning.
Well I’ll see you when I can.

Lots of Love,
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