Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Watridge Family on the Map

Today I finished uploading the information I have been able to locate so far on The Watridge family. The map from Haywood County in 1877 that hangs on the wall in our dining room (currently, behind the Christmas tree) was really helpful while working on this family.


In this close-up of district five, you can see the location of the farms of several members of the Watridge family as well as others who are my direct descendants. For orientation, note Zion Baptist Church, at the bottom of the map. Mrs. A. Lovelace was likely the widow of Thomas A. Lovelace and the location of their farm seems to be approximately where the former home of Guy and Viginia Lovelace and the current home of Bill Lovelace home sits today.

Following the road northeast, is the farm of John Hardy Cobb as well as several others from the Cobb family. Daniel W. Watridge's farm is right next to John Charles Warren Cobb's farm.

Further northeast and near what is now the corner of Poplar Corner Rd. and Dr. Hess Rd. is Dorsey Watridge's farm across the street from his nephew, William Henry Watridge who was married to Zilpha Castellaw. The Castellaw family farming in that area included Fletcher and Tom.

You can find out more about all these families and others on HaywoodCountyLine.com. If you more information or corrections, please let me know!

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