Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparing for the Pilgrams

So since this is Thanksgiving, it seems fitting to mention my ninth great grandfather, Joseph Cobb. He basically showed up in the new world, turned on the heat, got the turkey in the oven and greeted the Pilgrims when they finally showed up.

I've been focusing on the Cobb family and found some fascinating ancestors but Joseph is important because he was truly one of the first to try and settle in America.

Joseph arrived in Jamestown in 1613 on a ship called The Treasurer. This was seven years before the Pilgrams landed at Plymouth Rock.

Once Joseph was dropped off, the captain of the ship, Samuel Argall, lured Pocahontas on board and kidnapped her to use as ransom to negotiate for the release of English prisoners. Everyone knows how that turned out. She fell in love, got married and signed a contract with Disney.

Joseph was classified as "a gentleman, entitled by rank to wear a sword and trained by experience to use one." He brought his wife and family over and started a plantation.

He has been designated an "ancient planter" meaning he arrived in Virginia before 1616, remained for three years and paid for his passage." When he arrived there were a little more than 1,200 English living in the Colonies.

Although, when he died in 1654, he did not have a huge amount of wealth, he did begin the line that would eventually result in me so for that, especially at Thanksgiving, I am grateful.

You can read all about the Cobb Family on the Cobb page of

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